The Once and Future Queen


Beyoncé has given us such a moment of pop culture transcendence with the release of the picture of her twins on Instagram early this morning. Her crown remains intact. She is the breaker-of-the-internet. She is our reigning pop queen. It is a visually stunning and quite sunny portrait of a mother and her two children, Rumi and Sir Carter. It is an unmitigated celebration of life. The birth of children is not only an essential rite of humanity, it is also a universal experience that connects us all.

By way of full disclosure, I am a full adherent of the Beyhive. It has been a long time in the making. I liked her as a member of Destiny’s Child and definitely bopped to Crazy in Love, which was her solo debut. I lost track of her career as I entered into my doctoral studies and did not pay attention to the next couple records that she released. Yet with Beyoncé and Lemonade, she seized my attention and converted me to a full-fledged fan. With those last two albums, she started to explore the thematic elements of society that I care deeply about: gender, race, and politics in a more mature and artistically creative manner. I will follow her career and it’s attendant personal updates as an enthusiastic supporter of all things Beyoncé.

Long live the Queen! May she ever reign.

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